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For any Venezia branded product purchased through an online retailer, a tire claim must go back to the original selling dealer. The online retailer where the Venezia branded product was purchased would need to facilitate the claim with that authorize dealer on the consumer’s behalf.

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This Limited Protection Policy applies to Venezia brand passenger and light truck tires purchased on or after January 1, 2020, or, in the absence of proof of purchase, tires with a manufacturing DOT code reading DOT 0120 or later. Eligible tires are covered by this Limited Protection Policy for up to 60 months from the tire manufacturer date.

Owner’s obligations

To make an eligible claim under this Limited Protection Policy, tires must be rotated with the prescribed rotation patterns as recommended be either the vehicle owner’s manual or an authorized Venezia tire dealer. Owner must present an original tire sales invoice indicating the date of purchase, tire description and odometer mileage. 


What is a comparable tire?

A comparable tire may be either the same line and pattern of tire or, in the event that the tire is not available, a tire of the same construction and quality with a different sidewall or tread configuration. If a higher priced tire is accepted as replacement, the difference in price will be at an additional charge to the owner. Any Venezia brand replacement tire provided pursuant to this Limited Protection Policy will be covered by the Venezia Limited Protection Policy in effect at the time of replacement.

What are your legal rights?

No Representative or Dealer has authority to make any representation, promise or agreement on behalf of Venezia, except as stated herein.