SXT Mileage Warranty


This program is offered upon the purchase of any new VENEZIA SXT branded tire and is not a warranty that your tire will not fail or become unserviceable due to a road hazard injury.  This Road Hazard Safeguard Program is a prorated 1 year protection plan and is valid under the certain specified conditions as described below.

This warranty is valid from the date of purchase for 1 year or when the tire reaches 25% of useable tread depth, whichever occurs first.  When an eligible tire is damaged during the first 2/32nds of an inch of treadwear, the tire will be credited back in full amount based upon the dealer’s replacement costs.

This warranty provides credit based upon 25% of remaining usable tread at the time of failure due to road hazard.  “Usable Tread” is defined as the original tread depth of a tire less 2/32nd of an inch.  Credit will be prorated based upon the difference mentioned above.  If the tire tread falls below 2/3nds, it will be considered worn out.


All exclusions described under the section of “What is not covered” within this Limited Warranty and other exclusions include, but are not limited to, effects caused by:

  1. A tire that is damaged due to vandalism.
  2. A tire that is damaged due to an accident.
  3. A tire that is damaged due to commercial, industrial or agricultural use.
  4. A tire that is damaged due to racing.
  5. A tire that is damaged due to off-road use.
  6. A tire that is damaged due to snow chains or studs.
  7. A tire that is damaged due to rapid or irregular wear.
  8. A tire that is damaged due to wear from worn mechanical components on the vehicle.
  9. Tires transferred from the vehicle on which they were originally installed.
  10. Loss of time, inconveniences, loss of use of vehicle or consequential damage.
  11. Any tires used on any emergency response vehicle.

To file for a Road Hazard Warranty, please fill out the American Omni Trading Tire Claim Form which can be found at


The VENEZIA SXT brand tires listed below are warranted against wear out up to the mileage coverage shown in this section, even though the actual mileage you may get from your tires may vary because of driving habits and road conditions. Subject to the items not originally covered below, if one of the tires listed in this warranty wears out before the listed mileage, American Omni Trading will adjust the tire on a pro-rata basis. “Wear out” means that the tire’s tread has worn evenly down to the tread wear indicators (2/32nds of an inch of tread remaining). “Pro- rata” for this Tread Wear out Coverage is measured by the odometer readings at the time of the tire’s purchase, as printed on the original tire sales invoice, and at the time of replacement. In addition, you must present a completed rotation schedule Contained in the original owner’s copy of the tire’s Limited Warranty and Adjustment Policy.

• Tire(s) that have not been rotated at least every 6,000 miles as evidenced by a completed rotation schedule are excluded.

• Tire(s) in service for more than 60 months of service regardless of mileage are not covered.

This TIRE MILEAGE WARRANTY DOES NOT include mounting balancing and applicable taxes, which remain the customer’s obligation and is not transferable.

You will receive a credit based upon the dealer’s replacement price based on the percentage of actual mileage driven to the mileage covered. Your replacement cost will be determined by dividing the actual mileage driven by the miles warranted and multiplying the result times the current selling price. Consumer pays for mounting and balancing and any other additional charges such as taxes.

Items not covered in the Mileage Warranty:

  • Road Hazard – This includes, but not limited to cuts, snags, punctures, bruises, and impact breaks
  • Ride / Vibration – Any ride / vibration complaint after the first 1/32nd of inch of tread wear
  • Improper operation or maintenance – Includes, but not limited to improper inflation, or improper load speed practices.  In addition, improper tire rotation, wear due to improper vehicle alignment and tire alteration

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