Terms and Conditions

Demurrage –

American Omni Trading will not be responsible for any demurrage, extra trucking charges, drops and pulls, 2nd deliveries, detention, customs or shipping line charges that occur due to customers delay in taking possession of goods beyond the free days allowed by the last transportation company. ny charges which are customers’s responsibility will be invoiced separately.

Shipping Discrepancies –

American Omni Trading Company must be notified of shipping shortages, factory & container seals within 48 hours receipts of goods. All claims must be submitted with the necessary documentation. Please contact your salesperson for further information. Shipping Discrepancy forms are available at www.american-omni.com

Warranty –

All first quality products sold by American Omni Trading are warranted through the manufacturers which produce them to be free of defects in workmanship and material related conditions. This warranty is extended to the first retail purchaser. Tires which have less than 2/32nds are considered to have delivered their original life and are not subject to warranty or adjustment. Tires older than 3 years from production date are not covered by warranty policy.

 Not covered by warranty –

The following is not covered under our warranty: road hazard (including punctures, cuts, snags, impact breaks), wrecks, collisions, fire, improper inflation, overloading, improper mounting or demounting, mechanical condition of vehicle, ride disturbance after 2/32nds of wear, altered tired. Also not covered by warranty: loss of time or use of vehicle, incidental or consequential damages. Tires older than 3 years will not be eligible for warranty unless agreed upon by the manufacturer.

Adjustment Procedures –

In order to process your claim the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Submit a completed AOT Claim form, (available at www.american-omni.com)
  2. 2 clear pictures one which clearly shows the defect and one which shows the overall tire.
  3. Factory serial # along with DOT (if applicable) must be attached to the pictures.
  4. Must be submitted to AOT within 30 days of receipt from your customers.
  5. All claims must be submitted from the invoiced distributor not through a sub-distributor.
  6. Tires older than 36 months are subject to factory approval.
  7. Out of round tires will only be honored within first 2/32nds of wear. (Please include weight needed to balance)
  8. All claims must be held until final claim has been received from AOT.

Credits will be processed within 14 days of receipt of completed information. Credits will be based on the price paid for said tire of the latest price whichever is less. Credits will not include local taxes, additional freight, customer profits or any other miscellaneous charges. Credits amount will be pro-rated based on the remaining tread depth. Once a credit has been issued it can be taken against your next payment. Payments are not to be held in lieu of pending credits. No cash refunds will be offered for credits unless agreed upon in writing by American Omni Trading Company.

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